You Look Good

Last night I said goodbye to Weevy for a few days; I’m headed to Mexico on a press trip.  She wanted to talk about jewelry given to her by her great aunt Betty who died before she was born (Betty actually bequeathed the jewelry to my wife, but Betty’s fingers were so slender that some of her rings actually fit Weevy).  For school, she had to bring in a photo of an artifact in her home, so we took a picture of one of Betty’s rings.

As Weevy got into bed and we said our goodnights, she asked me about Betty.

“When was her birthday?”

“September 10th.  You would have liked her.”


“She was a very nice and kind person.”


“I like you.”

“I like you too, Weevy.”


“You look good.”

“Oh, thank you!  And you look very beautiful.”

“I have a very handsome daddy, and a very pretty mommy.”

“Why thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say.”


“I want to go to sleep now.”

“OK, sweetie, goodnight.”

Just one of those random moments that make life worth living in a week when Donald Trump was elected president, and that right now make me miss her even more than I would have.