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Priorities in order

Weevy has a new best friend, H.  They were in the same class together all year but never really bonded until late in the game.  And then it took their parents a while to get our shit together and finally start scheduling playdates.  But now they’re totally crazy about each other, which makes the fact that they’ll be going to different schools next month kind of sad.  But we’re determined that they’re going to stay friends, and have been scheduling weekly playdates all summer.

One recent playdate, we were scheduled to head over to H’s place.  Weevy likes to prepare for these things, carefully selecting a few toys to bring over — I guess it’s the five year old version of bringing a bottle of wine when you’re invited over for dinner.  She also likes to choose her own outfits (sometimes a dress, more often a costume, NEVER jeans or shorts, dah-ling).  So I left her to it while I got myself ready and did some last-minute work.

She came out with a little pink handbag full of toys.  “OK, Daddy, I’m ready to go.  I even put on my own shoes.”  It’s a relatively recent skill she’s acquired, and sure enough, her sandals were on the correct feet and properly strapped.  But something was missing.

“Weevy, look down.  I think you forgot something.”

Apart from her sandals, all she had on was her Disney princess undies.

“Oh yeah!”  Cue hysterical laughter from both of us.

I guess sometimes, even for a clotheshorse like my daughter, showing up with the right MagiClip dolls is more important than showing up with the right outfit.

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