Awesome Things Weevy Has Said Recently

1.  The wife and I, trying to keep Weevy from turning into too much of an introvert, are attempting to make playdates with some of her preschool friends.  Only problem is, we don’t know who she likes in her class.  So we ask her while we’re all playing with Legos.  “Do you like _________?”  “Nope.”  After about three or four, we mention a girl whom she’s known, more or less, almost since she was born.  Weevy shoots her mother a “You’ve GOT to be kidding” look and says, with an attitude we didn’t know she had yet, “Too busy.”

“Oh, she’s too busy to play?”

“No, WEEVY too busy!”

2.  Muttered to herself, while playing with her Legos:  “This is hard work.”

3.  If anyone needs proof that she is my daughter… while eating Chinese takeout for lunch today:  “Mmm, delicious!”

4.  Going out for groceries, I ask the wife if she needs anything in particular.  Weevy says, “Um, more milk?”

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but that’s all Weevy’s going to allow me to type for now.